trouble shooting

The CosmicClient has been created to be as accommodating as possible while offering amazing customization in nearly every aspect; however, we recognize that players may still run into issues on occasion.  To assist you we've compiled a list of some of the most common issues players have faced.

CosmicClient won't let me log in to Minecraft, says "Invalid Credentials"

The login portal in the CosmicClient does not support Microsoft accounts. To play on the CosmicClient with a Microsoft account, you must login to that account using the Minecraft Launcher, then re-launch the CosmicClient. For more information about Microsoft accounts for Minecraft, visit the FAQ page here.

CosmicClient is giving me a java error when I launch

Sometimes when you download java it installs the 32bit version on your 64bit computer.  There's an easy fix, Uninstall your java through "uninstall programs" then install the 64bit version found here and reinstall your CosmicClient.

CosmicClient rendering is off or textures are missing

You may not have enough memory allocated.  Open the location where your launcher and files are located for the CosmicClient and locate the launcher-settings.txt file.  In the launcher-settings.txt file change the ramMB to accommodate your needs within your system's limitations.

I don't see a huge improvement in my FPS

The enhanced performance setting will limit common FPS dropping entities and settings when your FPS is at a point where it could affect your gameplay experience.  If you are experiencing a drop in FPS you will notice distance chests, mobs, dropped items and the like will seem invisible until you move closer to the entity.  There are some steps players can do to better assist their FPS:

    • Turning off Factions overlay in your Mapwriter settings
    • Lowering your Render Distance under Esc > Options > Video Settings

Players wanting more control are able to specifically adjust items that they wish to see through Settings>General>Performance.  Selecting any of these items will override the Smart Performance feature.

Remember, your FPS is dependent on your hardware.  If you don't get 500+ FPS in low-intensity situations then the CosmicClient won't be able to give you 500+ FPS.  

I can't see chests/mobs/fallen entities from across the room

If you are in a high-intensity location, are experiencing low FPS or the like AND you have your Smart Performance Handling active (with a check mark beside it) it will limit the range in which you can render certain entities such as chests, mobs etc.  If you wish to disable Smart Performance Handling open your CosmicClient GUI, Click the 3 gears titled "Settings", Click the 3 gears titled "General", select performance and uncheck Smart Performance Handling at the top.

CosmicClient is asking me to re-login even though I hadn't logged out

When you launch Minecraft and join a public server your client makes a request for a session token from Mojang.  These session tokens expire after a time and as such can on occasion require you to re-login.  The occurrence of having to re-login, however, should be similar to that of the native Minecraft Launcher.

I don't know how to use a specific mod

You can find a brief tutorial for most mods on our features page located here.  If you don't want to scroll through the list you can simply click on the mod name at the top.