Cosmic Castle support, compass mod, peaceful mining, and various other tweaks and bug fixes

Show the modified armor protection for CosmicPvP

Added Entity Count on the top-left HUD.

Prisons menu that includes Gangs + Enchantments, HCF Support, and EnhancedFPS options.

Support for Prisons and added a more secure handshake between the Cosmic Client and Cosmic Servers

Client now boots substantially quicker

Heart Display

    Changed how hearts update to match 1.7


    Reduce overall memory usage.


    Further improve debug messages.

Smart Performance

    Fixed some settings bugs that caused unexpected behavior.

    Prevented smart performance from reducing entity or block entity render distance to less than 16, unless the player sets the distance to less.

Bug Fix

    Eat various unimportant errors that spam logfiles.

World Download

    Removed the sending or processing of plugin messages.

Debug Logs

    More verbosity in startup to identify why some users are crashing while loading schematica.

Error Reporting

    More verbose error reporting.

Texture Packs

    Display a loading screen when loading and unloading texture packs.